Welcome to The Small Business Daily Buzz. This blog will help you do more business.

If you're an entrepreneur, you know it's not just about making money. Yes, that's an important aspect of doing business but it's not the only one. Let's consider all of the other great things about the entrepreneurial life: you're your own boss, you set your own hours, you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder, you don't have to fight traffic each day, you're doing something you love and believe in. There are a million reasons why millions of people become entrepreneurs.

Yes, there's a downside, too. You're the person at the top making decisions. You're also often the person pushing the broom after all the other employees have gone home at the end of the night. You still have to deal with customers who are not always a pleasure to deal with. But at the end of the day (a very long day!) you wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world!

My name is Buzz and I own a small business, too. In this blog, I'm going to talk about the life of the entrepreneur and the life of your business and together we'll help you do more business!