For right-brained business owners, Mind Manager by is one of the most user-friendly mindmapping software products around. (Mindmapping is a visual representation of whatever's in your head! It starts with a central thought and several sub-topic spokes jut out from which to build off of).

It's useful for all kinds of business and personal purposes, from creating to-do lists and managing your contacts to brainstorming and developing the future direction of your business.

It's intuitive, it looks great, and it's easy to use. When I'm putting together a project, I find that I can write it in half the time on Mind Manager, then export it into a Word document and it's just about ready to go!

Other times, when I'm researching a business I plan to start, I create a mindmap about the opportunity: One spoke is about the industry, one spoke is an analysis of the client-base, one spoke is a financial analysis. I pull in links and personal comments and soon have a fairly comprehensive report. If I'm looking for investors, I can download it into several Word documents or Excel spreadsheets or a Powerpoint presentation.

If you're starting a business and don't want to spend too much, just get the basic model. (It's all I use, I don't need anything more)... but I know others who use the Pro edition and love it. Try a free download and see if it works for you.