A consultant friend of mine was talking with me about a challenge he was facing: He has so many research files on his computer, he can't find anything.

We talked for a minute about what he needed to do with the files and I asked him if he ever used the search line on his computer. He blinked at me like I was speaking another language. I had to point out where the search function was: Most people will usually find it on their start menu. XP users, for example, will find it under “Help and Support” and above “Run.” If you can't find it there, you'll find it in any windows file folder… right on the task bar. He admitted that he knew it was there but only ever used it when he accidentally downloaded something from the Internet but couldn't find the file he saved it to. The search line can search files and in files! It can search within parameters you set.

Problem is, it's one of those things that we develop familiarity blindness with: we become so used to seeing it that we forget it's there.

Problem solved. Buzz to the rescue.