I like blogs because they really are changing the face of the Internet. I think blogs are one of the things that make the Internet strong: it's a combination of links and dated personal expression that makes them so captivating to audiences.

But if you're running a business, what do you write about? I see a lot of businesses flounder when it comes to their blogs. They simply don't know what they should put on their blog ... and how different the blog content should be from content on their site. The end result is: prospects see the same sales messages on the company's blog that they could see on the company's site ... so they don't bother reading the blog.

A blog should take advantage of the fact that people will turn to it day in and day out for new and fresh information. Write about a new Frequently Asked Question each day. Post experiences your consumers have with your product. Interact with industry news. Create a diary and put in your personal views as you work to develop the "new and improved" version of the product.

There are lots of ideas out there for businesses to use blogs ... just keep it fresh and interesting!