Whether you've got a new or growing business, you know the value of your time. It's precious! There are so many things that pull you in different directions all the time!

That's why you should make it a point to avoid doing the same thing over and over again. If you find that you've done the same thing more than two times, you need to turn it into a system:

For example, if you (or your employees) are answering the same questions on the phone from prospects, add that question to your FAQs on your webpage and create a quick sales-oriented script to distribute to your staff.

If your sales staff is continually coming up against the same objections, give them a checklist like the one found here: http://www.morebusiness.com/templates_worksheets/checklists/communicating.brc and spend time with them developing scripts to deal with the objection.

If you are creating the same kinds of documents again and again, stop writing them from scratch: create a template and re-work it each time you need to create a new letter.

Templates, plans, scripts, and systems will help you get control of your time.