It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stresses of running a business. You can get so focused on wanting to make your business succeed that you sacrifice many things to dedicate 100% of your attention to running your business.

This is not healthy! It's important to take a break and relax for a moment. If you are stuck in your home office, get up, stretch, and take a walk. Even though you don't work in an office environment anymore, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't religiously take a lunch hour.

For some, a few stretches might be the critical stress reliever that they need. Check out this site which talks about exercises in an office environment.

Or, if you just want to sit quietly in front of your computer and not think about work, check out this humorous site for some stress-relieving laughter:

Take a Break and Smile!

Although I sometimes forget to do it myself, I really like the idea of scheduling my day into one- hour segments, then working for 50 minutes and taking a 10 minute break. When I remember to do it, I find that it helps me keep my sanity, even during high stress situations. Even with deadlines looming, I can work more effectively if I take a few minutes off.

Now that I've written this, I'm going to take a quick walk around the block before coming back to work. Maybe I'll see you on the way!