If there's one thing I'm guilty of, it's loving the "For Dummies" series too much. When I go to a book store (which some think is too often) to buy books (which some think I spend too much on) I usually end up in the business book section (no surprise there) and drift toward the For Dummies series.

In general, the books in the series are written by qualified people, and they really boil out the filler and non-essentials that plague many business books. They are practical in a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of way.

Marketing Kit for Dummies is even more hands-on than Marketing for Dummies, by the same author.

This book, which comes with a CDROM, is filled with practical marketing ideas and snap-together templates.

It starts the reader off with some of the basics of marketing (like the 5 P's: Product, Place, Promotion, Price and People) although I wish they would have covered the basics a little more thoroughly. By the end, the book walks you through the essentials of what a brochure for your business should look like. It deals with some of the big picture ideas like publicity and branding, as well as some of the details like what makes good ad copy, and why.

The only thing that would make it a better book is if they took Marketing for Dummies and Marketing Kit for Dummies and squashed them together. Then I could probably throw out half of the books in my library.

It's a great book because I use it over and over now. What's a better measure for value than that? It's also one of those books that I wish I had owned when I was first starting out in
business years ago.