This must-have piece of equipment is going to make some people laugh… Unless you're in car, house, or investment sales, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

For everyone who does any kind of selling (that's most of us, I think), this must-have gadget really is a must-have gadget. If you go on any kind of sales call, you need this gadget:

You need a pen.

Now I'm not talking about any kind of pen, here. I'm talking about a good, solid, dependable, heavy pen that you only take out to sign contracts.

I know more than one salesperson who carries two pens with them on sales calls. One is their regular pen: they do their presentation with it, jot notes during the information-gathering stage, etc.

The other one is kept in a special case in their briefcase. The salespeople I know splurge a little and get a nice Cross or Montblanc pen. And it only comes out to sign the papers.

I know plenty of salespeople who have their own little rituals: a pair of shoes they only wear on closing days, or an office that snips the tie of any salesman who sells over a certain amount of money. These are great rituals, but I love the “deal signing pen” as a must-have gadget.

When you're in a sales call and that pen comes out, you're filled with renewed confidence and it's all you can do to keep a wide grin from spreading across your face.