Webex.com has long been known for the excellent service they provide with online meetings and webinars. Frankly, that's all I ever used them for. I like their clean interface and user-friendly site.

Recently, though, I absentmindedly clicked on their “small business solutions” tab and came to discover just how much more they offer. Check out www.weboffice.com. Weboffice.com is a great virtual office system. They have one of the best and most comprehensive virtual offices I've seen and it comes with the great interface you'd expect from them.

Aside from virtual meetings — which we know they're already good at — they offer document management, calendars, task managers and databases.

The cost, starting at almost $60 per month, can seem prohibitive to the new entrepreneur starting out and trying to etch a living. But that $60 gives you 5-person access to the virtual office. By the time you have 5 collaborators, I'm betting there's a good chance the $60 per month will be worth it.

If you sign up now, you get a free For Dummies book, too. (If you've read some of my other blogs, you'll know how much I love these books… maybe I'll sign up…)