I love talking about business so much it makes me crazy. Well, that's what people tell me sometimes.

It's true, I can spend a lot of time on the phone or at the office and it's only when I take some time away that I gain some perspective and can return with zeal and purpose.

A colleague of mine flew to another state to do some consulting. Just before leaving we spoke and he appeared to be fairly stressed about the amount of work that he had to get done. During his consultation he was able to take a few hours to himself — time he wouldn't normally take if he were in his office — and it rejuvenated him. So much so, that when he returned, we spoke on the phone briefly and he said he was feeling more focused than before he left… what's more, he was far more productive with his time.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. It's demanding and requires almost all of our time and effort. But don't give 100% all of the time. Be sure to schedule some time off. Spend it with family and friends. Get away from the office. Surprisingly, you'll get more done.

On that note, I think I'm going to go book a weekend getaway…