There comes a time in the life of many businesses when you have to start looking beyond yourself. If you've enjoyed some good success, and the workload is starting to become more than you can bear, it's time to hire someone else.

But before you do that, read Zig Ziglar's book Top Performance. I suppose that it's subtitle “How to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others” may make it seem like it belongs with books by Anthony Robbins and other motivators, but Ziglar's book is a focused book about succeeding as a manager and should be required reading for management.

His book covers different aspects of managing, including motivation and rewards, how to build loyalty, good business communication, and goal setting. It's one of those books that sit on my shelf and every time I pick it up, I learn something valuable. Although Ziglar's writing tends to show his age, and at times seems a little self-centered, the content of the book is a hearty meal of tried-and-true management wisdom.