I spoke with the editor of a new magazine about to be printed shortly. The first issue will hit the presses in June and he's in a frenzy running around trying to finish the work.

In spite of his workload, he remains positive and upbeat. “I've got the easy job” he tells me when I ask him how he manages to smile in spite of the deadlines. Although he has to put up with the demands of contract negotiations with writers, he considers himself fortunate.

He goes on to say, “The sales staff has to sell advertising in a magazine that doesn't exist yet… they have no product to show. They have to build a relationship then sell a dream. That's the hard job!”

When I ask him how they're doing, he doesn't want to talk figures with me. But in spite of the obstacles, and unlike most magazines, they will be profitable on their first issue.

Think you have challenges and obstacles in your business? An upbeat attitude and a healthy dose of hustle, chutzpah, and relationship-building could mean good business for you, too.