For those business owners who do a lot of traveling, is a great option. I've seen business owners use a laptop or a Palm Pilot device without as much success: perhaps they had the computer but not the file they needed because it was still at their office on their desktop. I've seen business owners who kept all of their work files on their laptop, only to have the laptop take a nasty spill during travel… losing access to the files when they were needed most.

That's why I like CosmoPOD. You can download their software for free and you end up with an online office that accepts emails, has office applications that let you work with Word and Excel documents, and can store up to 1 gigabyte of information; often enough for most business travelers to carry most of their advertising material. Although your web office is ad supported, you still end up with a vast amount of virtual real estate so you can log on at any computer and access the documents you need the most… when you need them the most.