The Complete Guide to Memory Mastery By Harry Lorayne

I don't have a very good memory, so I have to write things down… if I can only remember what I did with a pen and paper!

Okay, so maybe my memory isn't that bad but I do try to write things down to avoid forgetting them: names, numbers, important meetings, etc. I've read books about improving your memory in the past, but haven't implemented a lot of practices.

Recently, for another project, I was flipping through a few books about memory improvement and found Lorayne's book… and ended up sitting down and reading the entire thing.

The author takes a good approach, selling me on every chapter… nearly every chapter begins with “It pays to…” (… remember telephone numbers, or … remember dates, etc.). And while some books are overly business oriented or overly personal oriented, this one has a good balance and shows the usefulness of memory in both.

His system is primarily based on the peg system, which means substituting easier to remember words for times, dates, names, etc. That can get a little repetitive and I find it time consuming to put into practice, although over the long term, I'm sure that there is value to it.

Actually, I KNOW there's value to memorizing details when it comes to clients and prospects and having them at the tip of your tongue when you need them.

Now all I have to do is remember to use it!