While my view is not shared by everyone, I have to admit that I'm a big fan of Paypal. Not only is it convenient to use, it's great that they accept credit cards.

No, this blog is not "brought to you by Paypal"!!! I'm just making an observation that they are positioned really well to build their own business while they help you build yours:

For example, they enable the small business owner to accept payments from credit cards, avoiding the hassle and cost of merchant accounts.

I also like that Paypal offers free resources, such as a downloadable e-book on ways to build your business, or free marketing for all Paypal merchants so other Paypal users can find them.

What impressed me the most, though, was their free shopping cart you can use to sell your products.

Paypal isn't just good for the small business owner; they're smart. All of their free products are specifically designed to increase their business.

That's something to think about for your business!