When we're out marketing our business, we'll do just about anything (within reason) to get some time with a prospect. What's more, we'll go home at the end of a busy day, exhausted from the hard work and wish we had more time in the day.

We do.

Last week I stopped in a restaurant to meet with a client. While there I saw a group of people sit down at another table. By their uniforms, I could clearly tell that they all worked for the same company… a company that gets its business from salespeople (these sales people) doing sales calls.

Instead of eating together, these salespeople should have been out entertaining clients. There were six of them at the table eating. They could have each had a solid hour of one-on-one time with a client over lunch. If the problem is at a company level (for example, no lunch reimbursements) a policy change should be considered, since six “person hours” of selling were just wasted that day.