If you want to read THE book on memory by THE expert on the topic, this is the book to read. I've never really paid attention to the "who's who" of memory before but apparently this guy is one of the best.

What I like about this book is that he takes you through all kinds of different memory techniques but does it in a way that demonstrates the benefits to you of remembering that thing, such as…

“It pays to remember names and faces”
“It pays to remember telephone numbers”
“It pays to remember appointments and schedules”

… are three of the 26 chapters in the book.

The value of a good memory is immediately clear as you read the book: instant recall of names and important facts when dealing with customers and vendors, or being able to speak with great authority on a topic at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

My criticism? It really seems a little selfish, but the system he teaches in the book is a little odd at first… it seems somewhat cumbersome for some items (like remembering long numbers). I did learn a lot and came away with some improved memory skills in some area (particularly in the face and name recognition topic) but I won't be throwing out my planner any time soon!