Dear Buzz,

“I own a successful offline retail business. I see so many people moving online, especially selling information products. Should I consider doing that?”


Dear Josiah,

Thanks for the question. I'm glad to hear that your offline business is successful. There are many people moving to online models of business — which isn't news to anyone, of course. But what's interesting is how often I see businesses move away from their core offerings when they go online. Someone might sell tractors offline but go online and sell e-books or some other digital product. Why is that? Is it because everyone else is selling that online, too? It is because of the high profit margin potential? 

Whatever it is, let me encourage you to stick to your core offering. If you're selling products, sell those products online. Set up an eBay store, create your own website, do whatever. But, before you jump in and start selling digital products, make sure that those digital products support your core offering.”