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I confess to not really being into video or computers games very much. I spend large portions of my day online running my businesses so I'm happy to turn off my computer and do something else. So perhaps you'll forgive me for completely missing this trend until now.

Recently, a news article reported that Reuters (the news agency)has bought into something called “Second Life.”

I didn't know what Second Life was so I checked it out. At first I thought, “Oh, it's just an online game; it's strange that Reuters would buy into it.” Then I looked closer.

It's more like a social site (like or Yahoo360 where people can interact with other people) in a computer-based 3D world. People can live personal and professional lives online in this Second Life world

What amazed me is, according to the Second Life website, there are nearly a million users and (at the time of this writing) almost $400,000 real dollars have been spent in the last 24-hours. These fictional people represent real people and these real people are buying real products and services… which is why Reuters has joined them.

Does your business have an opportunity to make money by selling products to computer-animated people? Second Life is inviting businesses to take part: