Business Planning

We are about halfway through this last quarter of the year. That means that there is about another month and a half to work to reach our goals… and the pressure is on not just to reach the goals for this quarter but to reach the goals for the calendar year.

How close are you? Can you reach the goals you've outlined for the quarter? What needs to be done differently to do so? What about your calendar year goals? Will they be reached by the end of the year?

With the holiday season approaching, many companies find that holiday shopping can really make or break their business and they set their goals to rely on it. If it “comes through” for you every year, than you may continue to do that… but if it seems to be sensitive to the whims of the economy and doesn't always help you meet your goals, perhaps you should consider basing your goals on the other 11 months of the year and work at raising those sales.

With just a month and a half to go, consider this effective business builder: Commit to making 2 more sales calls each day. That's an additional 10 calls a week or about 60 more calls by the end of the year. Now compare that to your closing ratio… how much more business will that bring in?