How did Q3 go for you?

What were your goals?
Did you meet your goals?
If so, what were the strengths that allowed you to do that effectively? If not, what are some of the reasons? Now, for each reason you've just listed, create a solution that allows you to proactively keep that from happening again.
What were the highlights of the quarter?
What were some of the things you wish you could redo?
How did your competition do this past quarter? (Don't know? Find out!)

As we begin Q4, here are some more questions for you:

What are you goals for this quarter?
What is the economic outlook for your niche clients? (Are they generally better off or worse off at this time of year?)
Do you expect this to be a slow quarter or a brisk quarter?
If you expect it to be a slow quarter, what other opportunities can you look at to take advantage of the extra time you have? Are there proactive steps to take to make Q1-2007 even brighter?