YouTube Logo In a previous blog I talked about Mark Cuban's critical analysis of being a copyright infringement lawsuit waiting to happen. Just a week later, Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion.

No one sued YouTube before because it didn't make any money. But what about now that it is owned by the obscenely wealthy

It seems that during the deal signed between Google and YouTube, some companies including Universal Music, Sony BMG, and Warner all are participating in some kind of deal in order to get in on the action as a way to (potentially) ward off lawsuits.

Then, one day later, and no surprise to anyone,YouTube deleted over 29,500 videos because a coalition of over 20 Japanese organizations wanted to deal with copyright infringement.

What's my take on this? The problems are just beginning. They'll get ironed out eventually but there will be more deletions before it's through.

But more than that, there's a greater copyright issue at stake here. The web is redefining what people think about copyright and how they treat it. It's so easy to copy and paste and call it your own that companies are struggling just to keep up… with very little to effectively deal with the situation.