On my list of the businesses that I'm least interested in owning, laundromats rank right up there. They seem fairly boring and I know that rising energy costs and water bills are driving them out of business.

I haven't set foot in a laundromat since my wife and I got married and we bought a washer/dryer. But the other day I was driving through an area of town that I rarely pass through and I spotted what I think could be the future of laundromats.

This particular laundromat, located in the heart of the city's college community, offered the following amenities:

  • Free satellite TV
  • Free Xbox video games
  • Free coffee
  • Free foosball

… and other amenities. I was impressed. The few times I've visited laundromats I found them to be torturously boring places and I couldn't wait to leave. At a place like this, though, it's likely that I would have the cleanest clothes on campus!