Dear Buzz,

I'm concerned about the week between Christmas and New Year. I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of my home and I need the work during that time, however, many people are away or not interested in doing work over that week. How can I pay my bills and feed my family?


Dear Dan,

I talked to a few successful freelance business owners about this and received a mixture of responses. Some said that they plan their personal holidays during this time to coincide with the quiet time.

Another piece of advice I heard was to acquire as much business as possible early in November, even if it means earning slightly less for the job… but committing to a delivery time in early January. You'll be busy for the month of November and early December and the boost in income should carry you through the last of the month.

Still a third freelancer suggested tightening your belt for that one week and working on the business planning, identity development, website building, and brainstorming that you likely mean to do during the year but never actually complete.