I got a call the other day from someone who was in a panic. They've owned a business for two and a half years and have seen good times for most of it. Now, this person was worried that their business (which sells wholesale goods to retail stores) was starting to disappear. Stores weren't buying. This person had too much stock.

We talked for a while, discovered the problem, and created a solution. I thought it was sound advice so I'm adding it here.

This person's challenge (and possibly one that many people face) is that they get too fancy. They start off using solid, reliable sales techniques but over time they become complacent or try to do new things.

My advice? Go back to basics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Present the solution
  3. Overcome objections
  4. Ask for the order

This tried and true sales process is simple and elegant. And it works.