OK, so we all probably know that having a website is a great way to have customers find your business. But how will customers find your website? This is where web marketing comes in, and whether its online or offline marketing, or you're selling apples or zinfandel, the process if pretty much the same!

Marketing your website online

One of the best ways to popularize your website is to register it with the various search engines available on the Internet. Scout for organizations similar to yours on the web, in order to see which site links to them. You can send an email to the webmaster of the websites you think should also link to your organization. Make sure that you mention your URL address whenever you send e-mail to someone. Announce your website on Internet newsgroups and lists that relate to your organization. Participate in discussion groups online and build the reputation of your website as a valuable resource. Whenever you update your website, send out email newsletters to promote it.

Marketing your website offline

Along with your organization's phone number and address, mention your website address in printed publications. If you launch your site or make any major changes to it, send out printed newsletters informing people about it. Add your website address to your voice mail message, press releases and every item given to the public through your organization. Do not forget to refer to your site address when talking to the press.

Marketing your website will make it easier for customers all over the world to find your business, something that I found next to impossible with traditional advertising. So don't be intimidated by the 'Net' — use it to your advantage.