If your business sells products that are sold in retail outlets like mine does, then you need a way to get those products in the hands of your customers.  So what's the best way to do this?  Hire a sales distributor! 

A sales distributor is a person who delivers the products from a manufacturer to retailers. You can't set up shop in every state to sell the goods or rely on the local market to meet the financial expectations. Therefore, it is necessary for you to establish contacts and make deals with several distributors across the country. A sales distributor identifies a number of retailers which allows you to concentrate on the quantity and quality of the goods, rather than worrying about how to ship it to retailers.

Dealing with sales distributors helps you save a lot of money that would otherwise be used on storing and shipping products. This is because not all retail outlets are equipped to stock lots of products. Besides, the sales distributor also takes care of the need to deal with several retailers. Sales distributors don't sell products, but help you to reach out to retailers and ultimately, your target market.

It is essential to select an efficient sales distributor:

· Try to select a person who has good communication skills, since they are required to get across the qualities of the product to the retailer effectively.

· Select a sales distributor who is capable of coming up with effective strategies in order to deliver the products to many retailers. He must offer perks that would entice the retailers to carry your products.

· The Internet or yellow pages are effective in identifying the best sales distributors around. Referrals from co-workers and business associates can be used to identify an efficient sales distributor. 

So stop trying to do all the sales yourself — hire a good sales distributor and watch your profits grow!