The Need To Use Sales Promotion Tools

There's no way around it - promotion is an integral element of sales and marketing. For effective promotion, it is important to have an effective platform to ensure that the advertising campaign is directed to your target market (you do have one of those, don't you?).

You can choose an appropriate promotion tool to enhance your market presence, and increase sales. Irrespective of the kind of target group, all promotional tools are driven by a common goal, to expand sales. Because increased sales is the goal, it is imperative for you to include effective sales promotion tools within the marketing strategy and business plan of your company.

Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion

The most common way of increasing sales is by slashing prices. Other options include ‘more for less' and ‘prize-pack' deals, where an additional product is included with a purchase. Many companies sell promotional packs, where the customer buys two packs for the price of one. Free sampling is yet another simple form of promotion. Free samples are distributed through websites or other media.

Sales contests and incentive programs are offered to sales teams if they achieve their sales targets. Incentive programs and trade contests are also used for sales promotion in business communities.