Single vs. Multi-Tasking  


For me, the ability to multitask is something I developed by necessity only.  Sometimes, I can be a very single-minded person.  But where our businesses are concerned, we entrepreneurs can get bogged down in endless paperwork, phone calls and emails that never seem to end.  So what to do?  Maybe stop trying to do so many things at once and try singletasking!

Frightening isn't it? Working on one task at a time will not only ensure that a task is completed faster, but also more efficiently. Single tasking may be a laughable concept in today's cutthroat competitive world, but on close inspection, most people blindly following multitasking find themselves victims of frustration and failure.

You need to check the increasing popularity of multitasking, when it is obvious that it sometimes is a recipe for impending disaster. Ensuring the completion of one task at a time can be very unnerving. There could be many more tasks that demand your attention. Performing one task means devoting all your efforts only to the task at hand.

Multitasking - Or No Tasking?

Just like a computer that has too many open windows at once, your efforts may be fail if you are doing too many things at once. Sure, sometimes you have to do more than one thing at a time. But for complex issues that demand your complete attention, focusing on them one at a time will really improve your efficiency and productivity.