Business Negotiation Tips

Every single day, you are probably negotiating — without even knowing! Negotiation skills don't just happen, they're learned over time.

Here Some Ways to Negotiate Successfully:

  • Avoid Using The Word ‘Negotiate' — When you are negotiating, refrain from actually using the word. You could end up making the other person feel uncomfortable, as if you have more to lose than they do.
  • Look For Commonality — Look for common ground with the other person. Set your goals accordingly and also plan in advance how you would like the negotiations to proceed.
  • Identify Negotiation Barriers — Negotiation should be a win-win proposition. Try to identify any issues beforehand that might prove to be barriers to negotiating successfully. This could be as simple as clearing up a misunderstanding regarding the cost or value of your product or service.
  • Always Be Positive — Always approach negotiations positively. Both parties should work jointly towards arriving at a common decision. Try to identify similar cases you have dealt with in the past. If the strategies used were successful, the parties will probably be more receptive towards your suggestions.

An essential rule of business or any kind of negotiation is to treat everyone with respect. Remember that the person you are negotiating with is not your adversary, but your business partner!