I started my small business at home, and then quickly outgrew my home office space. If you have a home-based business and want to make it grow faster relatively easily, here are 3 simple strategies that you can use.


This is a mistake that most home-based business owners make. They try to invent a new product or an idea, without realizing the fact that whatever it is they are trying to ‘invent' has already been invented, tried and tested! The key to success in a home-based business is to re-create and not re-invent. Why would you want to waste your time, energy, money and resources trying to invent something that is already in existence, only in a different form? Hence… Don't re-invent…just re-create it!

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Remember - you are the boss now. You may not need to do tasks like hooking up your computer, putting up fliers, or even creating your website. You are not an employee anymore - you have the authority to delegate. Allocate jobs like these, which usually do not require your personal attention, to someone else. You could get a family member to pitch in, hire a part-time assistant, or take on an intern who is eager to help and get some experience in the deal. Remember, the key in being an owner of your own home-based business, is to work smarter and not harder.

Watch and Learn!

Have you read the book, ‘Copycat your way to success''? What is written in the book is true. Use the tried and tested methods of others to succeed. Use marketing strategies that have been used and that have been successful in your line of business. Marketing is the most important aspect of making your business grow faster. The term ‘copycat' does not mean you have to do everything in exactly the same way. What it means is to use the same method, or model to suit your needs.

Use the 3 simple strategies above, and watch your business grow — faster than you would ever have expected.