What is Ad Tracking?

Advertising is one of the most important activities in today's business world.
Businesses spend millions of dollars on advertising. But what good is advertising if you don't know how effective it is, or are not sure whether it is reaching your consumers or not?  This is where ad tracking comes into the picture.

Ad tracking is the acid test in the world of advertising. It is the means of finding out how many people are looking at your ad — and taking action. Ad tracking is also called post-testing or effectiveness tracking. It is a continuous process in market research.

How it Helps

So - how does ad tracking help your business? Once you have paid for the advertisement and it goes ‘live', you have to find out how effective your ad is. This is how ad tracking will help your business. Let's say your ad is not achieving the response you expected it to get, and it is not helping in generating the revenue you expected, either. What do you do? You can strategize and re-plan your advertising. You can change it around to make it more effective. This is how you can make your ad work for you.

How it Works

Ad tracking can be done in two distinct ways: through the telephone and on the Internet. If your ad is on the Internet, either as a pop-up or as an email, you need to track it. How do you know whether your email is being opened or just being sent to the trashcan? Or if the pop-up ad is being closed or clicked on and opened? There are various ad tracking software packages available on the Internet. Ad tracking software is connected to all your advertisements on the Internet and helps in tracking the smallest activity on the ad. You can also hire an ad tracking agency to help you track your ad.

Do whatever needs to be done to be aware of the effectiveness of your advertisement in order to achieve success.