If you're like me, then you're always trying to find ways of doing things better, smarter and faster! Having a small business is lots of hard work, and it's key to find out how to increase your productivity early on, to increase your bottom line!

Better Team Performance

After conducting a lot of research, experts have come to the conclusion that in order to improve the performance of teams, you first have to understand their needs and take into consideration the efforts they put into their work - and then do something for them to increase their job satisfaction. Take a page from larger businesses, that do things like piping music into offices, provide adjustable lighting and temperature, and host occasional team lunches to keep their employees happy.

Treating Your Team

You can also give awards for employee productivity, hold teambuilding activities, or even have small parties in the office for meeting sales targets. Most people like working in office ambiences that are fun. Small gestures like these help employees feel appreciated, which goes a long way in increasing their productivity.

The Simple Things

Usually, it's the simple things that cause the most headaches — especially when you have a small business. So take some time and look into the simplest issues. For example, try tracking down paperwork and see if you can remove duplicate forms in order to eliminate repetitive work. This kind of streamlining not only increases the efficiency in the workplace, but also saves thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary labor. In addition to boosting the productivity of your business, streamlining business processes increases the happiness of the team.

Always keep in mind that a happy team will always give you happy results!