I admit to not being a fan of attending tradeshows.  But, tradeshows are a necessary evil in the business world, and you need to know how to get the most mileage from attending a tradeshow!

Profile of Trade Show Attendees: The invitees to your event will be a sub-section of the invitees to the trade show.  Therefore, be sure of the demographics of the expected trade show attendees to ensure that they include the profile of the prospective customers you hope to meet.

Meet the customer's expectations: If you are attending an event for high net worth individuals, hold a black tie post-show party and serve expensive cocktails so that your prospective customer feels pampered and special.

The Message: The advertising message in your booth should be integrated with the trade show event in order to seamlessly reinforce the message and result in easy recall for your customers.  The message should also be focused on your target audience (i.e. it should be relatable and delivered at their level).

Message Content: Your marketing message, product knowledge and USPs (unique selling points) must convince prospective customers to buy from you.  They must also leave with the feeling that the time spent at your booth was worthwhile.

Time courtesy: When you are making your pitch, make your message short and crisp, but at the same time pleasurable.  Do not expect your prospective customers to give up too much of their time. After all, they are going to visit other vendors.

To be successful at tradeshows, it is imperative to put yourself in your customers' shoes — then plan your actions accordingly!