Being attractive in business is the new mantra to success. You can be irresistibly attractive in business if you become completely authentic in your work and life. It comes from being completely committed to the work you are doing and from accomplishing set objectives.

  • Try to be ‘triple O': In order to be in demand in business, try to practice the ‘triple-O' theory. It stands for being organized, open and optimistic. Organized refers to how quickly you respond to situations and how effectively you follow-through on your commitments. Being open relates to being honest and having the ability to say, “I don't know but I will find it out.” Being open also refers to avoiding jargon, being knowledgeable and working without arrogance. The third aspect of this theory refers to being optimistic. It translates to the ability to see an opportunity where others see problems.
  • Generosity: Being generous can turn out to be one of the most important secrets of being successful in business. Try to be generous with your time and advice. It refers to being able to take enough in what's being said and trying to look for a solution even if it makes more work for you.
  • Be a good listener: It is important to be able to listen to clients and customers. It helps you to understand their issues better. It also gives a sense of importance to the speaker if you listen to him patiently. Try to reflect back on the conversation later.
  • Try to be a model: Try to become a model in your business. Always strive to be the best and make yourself an example to your employees.