Employee Discipline Strategies

Every small business owner wants good employees, but unfortunately not all employees are good. There comes a time when you may have to deal with employees to correct inappropriate behavior.

Employee discipline is much more complicated than it seems.  Here are some steps that you need to take for avoiding both costly lawsuits and stress.

Tips For Disciplining Employees

  • Consistency from your side (as the employer) is very important. If you are an employer, then you will have to apply the same level of accountability to everyone. Make sure that your employees understand all company rules and policies.
  • You will have to keep accurate records. Whenever you are speaking to any employee about a specific work rule, make a note of it, mention the date, sign it and keep it in that employee's personnel folder. This will be helpful if that employee is ever terminated and the case ends up in court or arbitration.
  • Timing is very important — you will have to take quick action if a problem arises to prevent it from getting worse. It is a good idea to go over the rules again with the employee if an infraction has taken place.  Again, make sure you document all disciplinary conversations.
  • Conduct investigations by preparing a list designed at getting the truth. You can also interview suppliers, customers or other employees to get information.
  • Stick with the facts — you cannot rely on speculation or assumptions when it comes to employee discipline.

Disciplining employees is a necessary evil when you have a business.  By knowing what to do and when to do it, you can make your life as an employer much easier.