Internet articles can be a powerful marketing tool in if you are looking to market a product or website. Articles can be used to drive traffic to your site and help you to earn more profits. To reap the benefits of article marketing, you need to know what articles have to be written and how. Here are a few tips that will help you market your articles on the Internet effectively:

  • AIDA model: Include the Attention, Internet, Desire and Action model in your articles. This model has proven to be effective time and again and should be in included in every article that you post on the Internet.
  • The 7P's of Marketing: Article writing includes another 3P's (i.e. Preference, Position and people) in addition to the traditional 4P's (i.e. Product, Price, Place and Position).
  • Keywords: Your articles should always contain certain keywords and key phrases on which the whole article has to be formed. A person searching for products or services on the Internet will have certain keywords in mind. Having good keyword density (2-3%) will help your article rank higher in the search engines. The better the ranking of the article, the better it is for your site.
  • Content: Your articles should be well written and interesting to read. You should also give the necessary information of the product or service you are marketing. Articles should be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes. This will compel customers to read your articles completely. Always think of what you are going to put into the article before actually writing it. Read through your article before posting it, to make sure that it makes sense and is compelling.

Of all the ways to promote your products and services, Internet article marketing is one of the fastest and inexpensive methods around!