Using Teleseminars for Business Promotion

Teleseminars are an ideal solution for any growing small business. It is similar to holding a business conference, and is one of the best ways to launch your product or service in the market. Holding a teleseminar can be very cost effective - and you will gain even more customers if you sell your product or service during the seminar.

A teleseminar is an interactive system, using a single phone line connected to several others, where a group of people can communicate. It is a method of sharing information and connecting with your clients — and saves you time as well as money.

Below are a few simple ways to promote your business through teleseminars:

  • Spread information. Hold a free teleseminar for your customers that gives them information about new products and services. A great idea is to hold short training sessions, product information sessions, or surveys.
  • Organize paid teleseminars. If you organize a paid teleseminar for your customers, make sure that it generates some income. You can introduce new products and services, or cross-sell existing ones.
  • Entice your customers. Try to attract your customers by offering free transcripts of recorded basic teleseminars.
  • Charge for your services. Offer pre-recorded training teleseminars for download and charge a small fee.

Teleseminars are a great way to make use of technology and assess the needs of your customers. It helps you to achieve that personal approach that you need to market your products and services effectively.