Simple Strategies to Increase Your Visibility in the Media

Strategic thinking and the successful execution of policies plays a very important role in promoting business. One very efficient way to turn all your efforts into successful ventures is through advertising and generating publicity. In order to do this, you may have to focus on building and strengthening your media relationships.

You need to attract the attention of the media in order to help your business generate a positive brand image of your company in the market — but this is often easier said than done! Listed below are some proactive steps that every business entrepreneur should take to benefit from increased media visibility:

Give Speeches

If you get an invitation to speak at a special event, an industry-related convention, or an industry-related business conference, you should definitely take the opportunity to build media relationships for your business.

Writing Articles and Reviews

This is another guaranteed way to enhance the presence of your company in the market. You can write articles and reviews about the products and services that your company offers in the editorial column of your local newspaper and business journals.

If you do not feel comfortable writing them yourself, you can hire someone to write them for you. Your articles will serve as reliable sources of information for your customers and can help them become more acquainted with your company and what it does.


Involve yourself and encourage your employees to participate in volunteer activities for organizations that help people in your target marketplace. You can make donations to these organizations, but becoming actively involved with such institutions can help ensure instant media attention for your company.

Press Releases

When starting a new business venture, invite the media over through a Grand Opening press release and provide them with vital information about your company. Submit an article for the news release, and include a biography of yourself as well as essential information about your business in an interview format.

The more people that know about your business, the more customers your business will attract.