Ways to Find New Customers

Today, marketing strategies include developing an interest among customers and attracting their attention and getting them to contact you.

Recognizing and making good use of permission marketing/pull methodologies is the secret to producing good, qualified leads. This is one of the many reasons having a good reputation is essential. 

Here Are Some Ways to Find New Customers

Use Google Adwords/Overture - You can attract clients to your website through effective use of Overture or Google Adwords. These marketing tools are not only effective, but also quite affordable and easy to use. Use common phrases and words on your website and the next time a prospective user enters those words in the search engine, your site will be featured in the search results.

You can also create a blog and write an article relevant to your service or website and post it. If your blog or website has a high ranking, the possibilities of it being featured in the natural search results will increase. 

Effective PR - Usually underrated by small businesses, PR is still an effective tool. Use the local newspaper to get in touch with local prospective customers. Include a link to your site and allow inquiries for the services you provide. Within no time, you will notice a surge of customers to your site. 

You should also consider writing a press release and distributing it through a service such as PR Web.  Your release should contain your contact information, website address and relevant news about your product, service or company.

Create a Network — Seek out people associated and interested in your line of business. Get referrals and make your presence known. Explain the various services you provide - you don't need to be extravagant with your explanations, just make sure you get your point across effectively.

Finding new customers isn't hard, but it does take work.  With a bit of effort, consistency and persistence, you'll make it that much easier for customers to find you!