5 Secrets to Repeat Business

The golden rule that every small business owner has heard ad nauseam is "the customer is king." No matter what happens, or what is said, the customer has to be treated like royalty. And you always want to see royalty again, don't you?

What you have heard (and keep hearing) is that repeat customers, or loyal customers, are what will make your business grow.

Here are some tips on how to get repeat business:

  1. Be a resource for customers — When you tell a customer that you know what they like, you entice them to come back to you for a particular product or service. This is a good way to ensure repeat business.

  2. Keep customers informed — If you know that certain items are going to be on sale, or are going to be discounted in a few days, then inform your customers of this. Your customers will know that you care for their needs and will come back to you time and again. This will generate repeat business.

  3. Go the extra mile — If a customer does not get what he or she wants from you and if you inform them about a place where they can get their needs met, it proves to them that you care, even if you can't provide the product or service.

  4. Be specific — Inform customers of specifics regarding your product or service, even if you can't give them what they want. Customers value details and will appreciate your honesty.

  5. Be helpful — Customers like businesses that are helpful. Even if it is a small thing like carrying bags to the car, making a special delivery or making a small price adjustment. These small things matter to most customers and keep them coming back.

Keeping and retaining customers are a small business owner's bread and butter. Treat them like royalty and your business will be king!