Customers have now become more Internet savvy - and according to statistics, 70% of American households use the Internet to access local information. Among this 70%, local customers carry out nearly 36% of searches.

If you are new to small business, and you want to enhance your profits, consider focusing your efforts on your local market. By combining the right website strategy and using geo-targeting, you can make good money — right in your own backyard!

  • Make your website as attractive and presentable as possible, so that it entices customers who love to shop through the search engines. Always stick to local keywords to attract customers in your immediate area.
  • Once you optimize your site, local shoppers will surely find your business. Explore your competitors' sites and then compare them with yours. Check whether your site has more informative content, how easy it is to navigate, and if it is as graphically appealing.
  • You need to be able to attract people to your website. Advertise your web address in the form of print
    ads, fliers, menus, napkins and t-shirts.
  • Try and get connected to local web sites, vertical market sites and local online newspapers and magazines.

A good advertising strategy combined with search engine optimization is essential for effective geo-targeting. Most of the leading search engines are developing powerful tools to help determine sites that match a shoppers' location. This gives local businesses that have good search engine optimization and geo-targeted ads a home advantage.