Proper keyword and key phrase selection is a very important aspect of SEO (Search engine optimization). Keywords are terms entered by Internet users when they use Yahoo, Google or any other search engine. For example, if you want to find something on fashion, then you may enter words like "current fashion trends." When these words are typed in the search box, they are used by the search engine to find web pages that are relevant to your search.

The relevancy of any page to a search depends on the topic of the page. But there is no doubt that the relevancy of a webpage can be increased to a great extent with related keywords. If you own a website, then you should know how important it is to select the right key phrases, because this is one factor that affects the traffic to your page.

If the results are relevant, more searchers will visit your page when looking for services, information or products. You should consider the process of selecting keywords to be an art as well as a science. Search probabilities and ratios are essential for figuring out what searchers will be looking for and how your webpage will be related to the searches and the search engines.

Generally, keywords usually fall into three categories: Primary, Niche and Secondary.

Primary keywords

These keywords strike a good balance between being competitive and having high search volumes. Primary keywords should be focused on when you start your SEO effort.

Primary keywords are generic and offer search volumes, but depending on the market, can prove to be very competitive.

Niche keywords

These words are considered to be very specific. They usually provide high search result listings, but low search volumes.

Secondary keywords

These provide a high volume of searches, and due to their potential volumes, they should not be ignored. Make sure that you select multiple keywords for your website and use good keywords for every page if the content is not similar.

Deciding what keywords to use isn't easy. But with tools such as Wordtracker, you can hone in on the keywords that will help your website to perform well.