Small businesses can benefit immensely from press releases. Press releases are an excellent way to make the world aware of your company's services or products.

A press release should be newsworthy and could have several angles — the promotion or hiring of a new employee, a new product launch or the launch of your website.

As a business owner, you can use press releases to let customers and the media know more about your products and company.

Press Release Goals

A press release is created with the intention to provide useful information in an attractive and concise manner so that it attracts the attention of the media and potential customers. It can be considered good only when it has some credibility and the content does justice to the strength of your services or products.

Your press release needs to be written well - because it must be compelling enough for the media to pick up and for customers to want to find out more. The more people get to know about your small business, the higher your profits and sales will be.

Generally, press releases should be about 450-500 words long.  If you are planning to distribute it online, then it should contain relevant keywords so that it is picked up by the search engines.  Lastly, your press release should be written as news — not an outright sales pitch.  If you currently do not have the resources available to write an effective release, you can research online for tips so you can do it yourself, or you can enlist the help of companies available that will do it for you for a fee.