Employees form the backbone of any organization. Any good small business owner ought to realize that care needs to be taken to keep the backbone healthy.

Employees are human beings with feelings first - and that is how they should be treated. It is a good idea to give awards to deserving employees; it increases their morale and makes them feel appreciated and happy. It will also motivate them to strive harder in the future.

Giving awards will also set an example to other employees to work hard. Awards will also encourage employees to remain loyal to your small business.

Set Up Categories for Awards

Awards can be classified in many different categories such as best service, best attendance, best performance, etc. You can define your own categories of awards to be given, depending on the business you run.

Along with individual awards, you can also give team awards, which will encourage better teamwork. A banner announcing the different types of awards - and the names and photographs of employees who have won those awards should be placed prominently for all employees and customers to see.

Plan a Surprise

In addition, you can also plan surprise awards, which you can announce at the completion of a successful project or deal. Everybody loves to be pleasantly surprised, and your employees are no different. Such awards can motivate other employees to work harder in the future.

Awards can be given on a monthly basis. For example, a particular employee can be chosen to be the “Employee of the Month”. This will keep employees' motivation high, especially when they see their name for that particular month. Take care to give only deserving employees this award. That way, you are sending the message that the award is strictly based on performance.

For a small business to remain healthy and happy, its employees need to feel happy, appreciated and motivated. Awards are one sure way of telling your employees that their efforts and hard work are appreciated. It is also a way to recognize them and thank them for their service.