Money Saving Tips for Purchasing Office Supplies

Running a small business requires you to look after many departments. One small but important department is office supplies. If not handled properly, you will end up with either excess supplies taking up valuable space, or defective items which will waste valuable time and need to be replaced.

Here are some tips to save time and money when purchasing office supplies.

  • Order only what you need in the immediate future. Unless you are getting a fantastic discount on large quantity orders, do not order more than you need. According to your consumption, plan weekly, monthly or quarterly orders. Keep track of slow consumed items and reduce the quantity when placing a fresh order and vice-versa.

    Also, don't order too much letterhead - because if there are any changes made such as a change in your telephone number or address, the remaining supplies will be wasted.

  • Get door deliveries wherever possible. If your office supply orders are large, instead of going to suppliers, have them deliver brochures, price lists, or samples to your office. That way you can have a variety of choices without running around. You can also check out the internet - but before placing orders on the internet, check out the supplier's reputation and replacement policy.

    Finally, buying the cheapest might not mean getting the best. For critical items, go for reputable brands rather than cheaper or discount ones.

  • Leasing equipment. If you are constantly relocating, you can try leasing furniture and equipment like computers, fax machines and copiers. That way, you don't have to upgrade your equipment or remodel your furniture every time you change locations.
  • Do not waste. One Japanese company saved thousands of dollars just by sticking the 2 unused ends of used pencils together, thereby creating an extra pencil. Some companies use shredded paper as padding material when shipping their products.
  • While the amount that you may save using these techniques might not seem like much, it still is money saved. You can modify these ideas to suit your needs. And it's great for the environment too!