If you haven't gotten hit with the flu or cold bug this season, you're lucky. But what if you had to take some sick time off of work? Do you have a team or process in place that picks up if you're not around? Here are a few ideas to keep your business healthy even when you're not:

  1. Train team members to know how to do other people's tasks. Relying on one key person can put you at risk. Try to spread the responsibilities so multiple people can handle multiple things.
  2. Use email even more than you usually do. If you're sick, you may be in bed. But you can probably still prop yourself up and work on your laptop. Email gives you the flexibility to stay in touch with your team, and your customers, when you are physically able to do it.
  3. Catch up on your reading. You probably have a list of books that you want to read but never seem to have time for. Books stimulate your creativity and can help you tremendously in coming up with new ideas to solve problems. Read in bed and jot down ideas that you can put into action once you're back on your feet. Or, delegate your team to work on those ideas via email.
  4. Don't over exert yourself. Getting better fast should be your focus, not working more while you're sick. That would just add more stress and cause you to heal slower. Your body is telling you something: it needs some rest. So, listen to it.