Email marketing is one of the tried-and-true ways of increasing sales and getting more customers — you just have to know how to go about it.

Here are some ways to get your marketing emails noticed:

  • Choose a trusted ISP: Your Internet Service Provider should be aware of your marketing activities; otherwise, they may block your communications, assuming that you are only spamming.

    The number of complaints against you will also determine how your ISP will maintain its relationship with you. So choose an ISP you can trust, and who will support you in your marketing efforts.

  • Keep the layout easy to understand: The message should be loud and clear, the links should be clearly specified, and the content of your e-mail should be relevant and precise.

    Highlight the main points of your content and keep your design innovative and different - but not too loud.

  • Have a personal touch: If possible, try to get customers' names along with their locality when you are prospecting for leads. That way, you can send a personal message, mentioning their name and location, making your message seem friendly. You'll also avoid your email being caught in a spam filter.

    This type of marketing might take more time, but it will ensure that you get better results.

  • Use special effects: Video, sound effects and audio are interest-grabbers. Make sure that recipients can shut off the audio if they want to.

    However, if the reader chooses to keep the audio on, ensure that the wording, music, and the entire presentation are compatible and will work together to create your marketing message. Note, however, that embedding certain elements such as video, may cause a spam alert to trigger. Therefore, be careful and check with your email list management service for expert advice.

  • Give the reader the opportunity to unsubscribe: Do not force your e-mails upon recipients who don't want
    them. Give them a choice to unsubscribe, thereby saving their time as well as your own.

Try these marketing tips and watch your marketing e-mails get more and better responses.

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