For your growing small business, it is natural that you will slowly require more employees to take care of additional sales and the extra paperwork that comes along with it.

Here are some tips for knowing when to hire help for your small business.

When You Wish You Were Superman

If you feel overworked and stressed out by doing too many different things at one time, then it is time that you got some help in sharing that work.

Don't wait until you get so stressed out that you turn up at work with your underwear outside your pants to make that decision.

When Your Existing Employees are Working Overtime

If you feel that your existing employees are working and getting paid for overtime on a regular basis, then hiring help will ensure that essential tasks get done on time. If a critical employee is absent for some reason, then the others can take care of the extra load.

When You Can Afford It

You should only consider hiring new help if you are comfortable in making new salary payments. There is no point in getting stretched out financially if you simply cannot afford it.

If you cannot afford a full time employee, then you should think about hiring a part-time one.

When You Need Specialization

If you have a new computer system with accounting and inventory software to be installed, or if you have received an order that requires the services of a specialist, then you should hire a specialist to ensure that the work gets done right - the first time.

Keep any eye on your business and your financial position before making the decision to hire new employees.