A business brief could be anything from a business article to a business speech or even a sale's brief made to employees, potential investors or others. All of its various derivatives have one thing in common - they are all connected to your business and are used to promote and increase the reach of your small business.

Here are some tips on what your business brief should contain.

Make your business brief, well - brief!: They don't call it a "business brief" for nothing! It should consist of your company history and prominent products and milestones, followed by the current topic and a conclusion.

It should not ramble on only about your small business' achievements or what can be achieved in future. It should be short and to the point.

Research your past and chart out the future: When writing about ways to achieve your future targets; summarize the past, point out any mistakes you made and suggest the correct route to avoid them in future.

Give solutions to reach your targets instead of just defining new targets. Indicate the specific roles that various departments will play to get to those targets.

Keep your readers' interest alive: Use your imagination and if need be, a little bit of humor, to get your reader's attention. Use your imagination to be creative and keep your reader riveted to the business brief so that they read and understand it fully.

Your brief should indicate that your thoughts are clear and firm, and that you know what you are writing about. Conduct proper research and cross check all figures twice before including them in your business brief.

Having a clear and precise business brief, injected with humor and imagination, is the best way to ensure that you hit your audience — and the points you want to convey — right on target!